A picture is worth a thousand words…

We’re proud of what we do at 1st Molesey and in our local community so we like to show off a bit. You can find a selection of photos from our activities by clicking here or watch our videos below.

The Scouts 2022 Review Video

We featured in this great video from Scout HQ. Can you spot our activities?

Kayak Adventure

Walrus Counting – BBC News

Bushcraft Weekend

Tomahawk Throwing

St Ayles Skiff

Surrey 2018/19 review video

OK, this one isn’t ours but we think it’s a great video to show you what being a Scout in Surrey is all about. Our young people feature quite a lot too.

National AGM 2022 video

We also featured in the national Scouts AGM video in 2022. Keep an eye out for those kayaks!